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Voleeta web app gives you the ability to generate voice audio from a given text. No login is required, and it's 100% free! It uses built-in voice synthesis technology from your browser. You will be able to download the audio as an mp3 file, but note that the voices you downloaded will vary from the voices in your browser since they are downloaded from an external text-to-speech service.

You are free to use the voices generated via this web app. You may use this website as a free text-to-speech converter to narrate your videos anytime when you don't want to use your own voice.

Complete Text-To-Speech Solution for any purpose

Online text to speech converter tools can be used for any kind of purposes such as video narration, IVR voiceovers, eLearning, broadcasting messages, dubbing/impersonation, podcast voice-overs, commercial videos, voicemail greetings, YouTube video voice-overs, talking avatars, DJ voice creation, voices for games/animations and short movies and many more.

This is a free service, and you are free to use the mp3 files for any purpose, including commercial videos. Download the realistic-sounding voices for your projects in MP3 format absolutely for free with free online TTS software.

Voleeta Supports for Multiple Languages

You now have the ability to translate text into a voice in any language through our Free Online Text to Speech tool. Below you will find some of the languages ​​currently supported on our TTS converter app. If you go to our tool you will see more languages ​​and voices.

What is TTS?

TTS is the shortened form for Text to Speech, which is an online tool that converts the text to voice. It can be used for various purposes such as creating a voiceover for a film or to help reading text for people with visual difficulties etc. And especially it is a good source for those who are creating commercials too.

What is TTS?

How does Voleeta text to speech software work - online?

Text-to-speech software operation is very easy and most of the online TTS tools work similarly. You have to type the text or upload the text file which you want to convert for a natural voice. After you can pick your desired voice and listen to the sample audio. Once you are satisfied with the audio, you can simply download the audio file in MP3 format. It's as simple as that

How does text to speech software works - online?

Make Natural Sounded Voices for Free

Convert text into lifelike voices using Voleeta

Feel free to use online text to voice software to make your YouTube videos, Vimeo, and others. Online text to mp3 tool is a great solution for all your business needs. Here are the top reasons why you should use text to speech software in 2020.

For Commercial Purpose

Why spending your money and time on commercial voice artists, when you have online text to speech tools? Making commercial videos are easier and faster than ever with text-to-speech software. You are allowed to use these voices in commercial documents, media ads, broadcasting, youtube videos, educational videos, and IVR systems as well.

To Read Text Aloud

Need to know how different English words are pronounced? Text to voice software is a great tool for you to learn how to pronounce hard words, how to break words down into sounds, add stress to sound and words, how to exaggerate certain sounds, etc. You just need to paste the text into the text box and listen to the audio preview with a selected voice.

To Get the Realistic and Natural Voices

Voleeta text to speech website always offers you quality and natural voices with different accents and languages. It also generates realistic male and female voices which can be directly used by yourself.

For Voices for Games and Animations

Create dialogues for the characters in games, and animations. Need a talking avatar for your presentations, videos, or live streaming? Maybe for your website or application? All our voices will support talking avatars too.

For Voicemail Greetings

Create voicemail greetings with different intonations, interpretations, and tones in different languages.

Audio in MP3 or WAV Format

With a single click, you will be able to download and save your generated audio file into your PC, iPod, or mobile in mp3 and WAV format.

For e-Learning

eLearning providers can voice their courses with TTS software. TTS tools are reasonably cost less than hiring professional voice talents to voice your courses. Also, all of our voices are like well-trained voice talents.

For YouTube Video Voice Over

Are you looking for a professional and native-speaking voiceover artist to voice your youtube videos? Now you don’t need to worry as the online text to speech software is available on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Voice over is a production technique used in movies, presentations, animations, TV shows, etc. It is a recorded voice of a professional voice-over actor who reads according to a script, and finally, the recorded voice will be added into the video and other elements. This is an effective way to convince the idea of visual elements especially in marketing and promotional videos.

Google text-to-speech and Alexa voice service (AVS) API which is provided by AWS are brilliant web services. Though, it can not be directly used by users to convert text to voice and download in mp3 or WAV format. And those services cost a lot. However, now there is a smart choice for you. Online text to speech software already uses Google and AWS voice API to provide you with a free service. So you can get the AVS and Google TTS API absolutely for free with online text to speech tools.

You will get the full broadcast rights and commercial rights for the audio files generated via free online TTS software. The generated audio files can be saved as mp3 or WAV file formats in your device.

Online TTS converters can help you with providing audio in different tones including corporate, casual, energetic, calming, authoritative, emotional, dramatic, funny, sexy, cute, sarcastic, gritty, angry, scary, and awkward, etc.

TTS software is usually available in many languages such as English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. Anyone can listen to a sample voice with a different accent and finally, the users have to decide whether to download it or not.

Yes, most of the tools recommended by our site are free to use and the free mp3 downloads are available. But since these services are available for free, you can donate any amount or invite them for a coffee to experience a continuous service.

Yes of course. It is required to paste the text or upload the text file into the text box. After adding the complete content you can simply convert the text and download it into your device. But there is no limit to the length of the text.

Yes. Voleeta allows you to use the generated mp3 or WAV files to use in any personal or commercial videos including YouTube, IVR, games, animations, voicemail greetings, etc. Simply this is a free service offered by

But to keep this free service running please be kind enough to give a credit or a backlink to our site. Not only that but also you can donate us to continue this free service running.