Text To Speech

How to use Text to Speech Converter?

If you are in need of a tool which can convert your sample english text into a natural sounding voice, you are at the right place. Voleeta TTS tool lets you enter your text and convert it to some of the languages and voices that are in our voice library. With just a single click, Voleeta can speak any English text aloud in a natural sounding human voice. You can use the downloaded voices to perform any task, such as for YouTube videos, anime videos, presentations, e-learning, and also for increasing the accessibility of your website. Download options are available in MP3 format.

What are the benefits of Voleeta Text To Speak?

It’s free

It actually costs you no money to convert a text with Voleeta to a natural sounding human voice and download it. Also, there is no maximum amount you can download. You have complete freedom to generate any number of voices you want and download it instantly to your device.

Supports multiple languages.

Not only in English, but also it supports many other multiple languages. So you need not to go for any other website to find another tool to convert your text for any other language. Click here to know the other supporting languages.

No signup required

Most text-to-speech services provide the service free of charge, but most of the time you need to go through a registration process to access them. But in Voleeta, you will not have to face such unnecessary troubles. Just like plug-n-play you are good to go with your text to speech conversions as soon as you come to our website. Adjust the Pitch and the Speed You can change the speed variation and pitch of the voice audio generated by you. This is a feature that you rarely see on other text-to-speech services.

Different voices

Our voice library has both male and female natural sounding voices. Through our online text to speech service you can get high quality human voices, not robotic sound voices. We guarantee that the original accent of different languages ​​will be included in the audio you download as well.

Why should you use a text reader?

You can use an online text-to-speech converter for both personal and commercial purposes. Simply, if you have a YouTube channel or a podcast, VoiceWorks are commonly used by you. So the online text to speech converter applications are a great way for such people to save their time and money. So now you no longer have to pay big bucks for professional voice artists. You can get the same service for free with a simple TTS service like Voleeta. Not only that. You can use this text to talk tool to read e-books and PDFs for your e-learning purposes.