Free French TTS and Text To Speech for French

Do you have any content or text to convert into French language? Looking for a good voice artist for that? If so, you’ve probably already met a lot of voice artists. But you may regret hearing their price.

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How to Convert a French Text to Voice using Voleeta?

Step 01: Type or paste your French content to the text editor. 

Step 02: Choose your preferred / favorite voice. (To convert TTS in French language please select Google français from the voice dropdown list).

Step 03: Click the button Download Google TTS Audio and then click the play button to listen to the generated audio from your French text.

Step 04: If you are satisfied with the audio, simply click on the three dots on the right side and select “Download” to save it as an MP3 file. Or else you can simply adjust the speed and pitch of the voice and listen to it again.

Facts about français (French Language)

French is known as the language of romance. However, in general sense, French is deemed to be a dying language amongst most French speakers in the World. Nevertheless, the drop down of the word ‘dying’ is merely an undermining of the language.

Though French is believed to be losing its significance as a language, in de facto real world there is much proof to be provided in order to attest the fact that French, as a language plays a substantial role all throughout Europe as well as in other Francophone countries.

The word ‘Francophone’ stands to refer to a person who is considered to be using French as his first or second language. Thus, the countries where most people use French as their mother tongue is known to be ‘Francophone’ countries.

The Etymology of the word ‘French’ runs back thousands of years to the era where Old English was in use. And it is believed that French language came into light through the Latin used in the city of ‘Gaul’.

Even today, there are many islands and countries that are still penchant towards using French as their first language to go.

More facts…

Paying heed upon the basic foundation of the language, its significance lies primarily in its pronunciation which foreigners find quite hard to get used to, as well as in its gender agreement (accord de genre), where each and every living as well as non-living object is given a gender.  For an example, if you take the chair, it is “La Chaise” in French, where ‘La’ is used to indicate anything that is feminine while ‘Le’ mostly refers to masculine nouns.

Taking into account, all the aforementioned facts, one could acquiesce with fact that for anyone whose first language isn’t French, learning the language is quite sufficiently challenging as one has to be thorough with all the grammatical structures that altogether contribute in building up the language.

For a pedant, it is sine-qua-non that despite the fact that they focus more on grammar, the actual focus should be on the construction of expressions which is another key factor that should be scrutinized upon, when learning French.

So all in all French still serves to be a much vibrant language despite all the beliefs that its significance is in the trails of deaths.

Why do you need to use a French TTS software?

Text to Speech, or TTS, was originally designed to help visually impaired people. But nowadays it has become an indispensable software in many fields.

You can use TTS not only for e-learning, promotion, YouTube videos but also to increase your website accessibility. It just takes minutes to easily download the French text you have into a professional speech.

What’s more, you can download this French audio in MP3 format.

Now you do not have to pay an unaffordable amount for professional French speakers. If you in need of a French voice over, you can quickly and easily convert a text to voice through our online French Text To Speech software.