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Are you looking for a tool that can turn your Spanish text into a natural-sounding Espanol voice or MP3 audio? You’ve come to the right place then. If you have any Spanish text, paste them inside the text box down below and with just a simple click you can generate audio in a natural Spanish accent. Do not hesitate to utilize the audio generated by this app for your YouTube videos, cartoon videos (dubbing purposes), presentations, e-learning, and also for increasing the accessibility of your website.

There are currently several Spanish Voices available on our website. You can try it all out for free here. If you are satisfied with the audio, download it immediately to your device as an MP3 audio file.

Generate a Spanish Voice from a Text with a Few Easy Steps

Step 01: Type / copy and paste or drag & drop the Spanish/Espanol text that you need to convert to MP3 voice into the text editor. 

Step 02: Choose your preferred / favorite voice. (To convert TTS in Spanish you need to select Google español / Google español de Estados Unidos from the dropdown menu). 

Step 03: Click on the button Download Google TTS Audio and then click on the play button to listen to the generated audio. 

Step 04: If you are satisfied with the audio, simply click on the three dots on the right side and select “Download” to save it as an MP3 file. 

Generate a Spanish Voice from a Text with a Few Easy Steps

  • 500 million people speak Spanish, and by 2050 that will reach up to 600 million.
  • It’s the official and the national language of 20+ countries.

    • Spanish speaking countries in Europe:
      • 🇪🇸 Spain
      • 🇦🇩 Andorra
      • 🇬🇮 Gibraltar

    • Spanish speaking countries in Africa:
      • 🇬🇶 Equatorial Guinea
      • 🇲🇦 Morocco

    • Spanish speaking countries in Asia:
      • 🇵🇭 Philippines

    • Spanish Speaking Countries in the Americas and the Caribbean:
      • 🇦🇷 Argentina
      • 🇧🇴 Bolivia
      • 🇨🇱 Chile
      • 🇨🇴 Colombia
      • 🇨🇷 Costa Rica
      • 🇨🇺 Cuba
      • 🇪🇨 Ecuador
      • 🇸🇻 El Salvador
      • 🇬🇹 Guatemala
      • 🇭🇳 Honduras
      • 🇲🇽 Mexico
      • 🇳🇮 Nicaragua
      • 🇵🇦 Panama
      • 🇵🇾 Paraguay
      • 🇵🇪 Peru
      • 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico
      • 🇺🇸 United States
      • 🇺🇾 Uruguay
      • 🇻🇪 Venezuela
      • 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic
  • Spanish was the diplomatic language up to the 18th century.
  • Spanish is the 2nd most studied language in the world.
  • After Latin, the language that has the biggest influence on Spanish is Arabic.
  • Mexico has the largest population of Spanish speakers with 114 million followed by the US with 50 million.
  • All countries in Central America, but El Salvador, use the term “Espanol” for “Spanish.”
  • All the countries from South America except Colombia use the term “Castellano” for “Spanish.”
  • The Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary has 88431 words.
  • The average native Spanish speaker uses 7000 words.
  • CINCO means “five” in Spanish. It is the only number with the same amount of letters.
  • The preposition “de” is the most used word in Spanish.
  • The Spanish word “Oía” has three letters and also three syllables: O-í-a

If you look at the above facts, you can understand that Spanish is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world and one of the languages most people use to communicate.

So if you want to market your product or service to this Spanish-speaking country, you can definitely do a very good job of promoting it by addressing it in the Spanish language. But if you can’t speak Spanish or Espanol, all you can do is hire a Spanish voice artist. But it can be very expensive. So the best solution you have is only the Voleeta Spanish Text to Speech Converter.

This service works fine with computers, tablets, and mobile devices, and even across different web browsers. Our Spanish Text-To-Speech service is absolutely free and does not require any registration or sign-up.

Enjoy the service. Cheers!