What is Text-To-Speech? Everything to know about TTS Apps

what is text to speech

What’s TTS? Text-To-Speech or TTS is a service or software that is used to convert computer text into natural voices. Text to speech software has a database of recorded human speech and it trains a computer to produce wave sounds that mirror the natural human voice. Now, what does it mean by a Text-To-Speech online software? Simply, you can access the TTS service online at any time from anywhere in the world like you can do it with voleeta.com.

TTS is totally different from voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc. Voice assistants can respond to your verbal requests and they are acting as the point of communication between all your connected devices and yourself. But the TTS app will help you to make an original voice from a given text. TTS systems have the capability of making natural sounding human voices from any string of text characters.

How TTS works online?

Text-To-Speech online software consists of two parts as frontend and backend. If a particular user comes to the website or the application and inputs a text to the frontend, the typed text will go through a natural language processing to create a symbolic linguistic representation. This is called Text Processing. And the backend will do the digital signal processing to convert that particular string text into a natural-sounding voice. This is what we called as Speech Synthesis. Finally, the user can download the created voice as an audio file to their device.

Who can use TTS App?

Almost every person can use an online TTS application for different purposes. But some sets of people have more advantages of using Online Text-To-Speech Software than other ordinary ones. Let’s see who are them.

For Content Creators and Publishers

TTS is a great platform to create voices and speech audio files for YouTube videos. So YouTube content creators and publishers can get huge support from online text to speech software. Sometimes they need to dub their videos with different voices. For that, using an online text to speech app is more effective than hiring an expensive voice over artist. Do you know that there are so many successful content creators who do not use their original voices at all? You don’t need your own voice to provide the value of your content. If you don’t like your voice, there are thousands of voices available for you to choose from Text-To-Speech software which are great for promotional videos, YouTube videos, educational videos, etc.

For Dyslexic Readers

Some people have difficulties in reading large amounts of text due to a learning disorder called dyslexia. TTS is a great option for them to understand and experience the website content. It will provide the capability of accessing the online content for those who are suffering from visual impairments. As these websites have dyslexic friendly fonts.

For Foreign Language Learners

Many people learn foreign languages online. Though we can easily speak our native language, some face difficulties when speaking a second language or a foreign language. For those people, text to speech tools is a great source and a very useful tool to have with them. It allows people to feel the pronunciation, cadence, and more.

How Do Text To Speech Apps Come to you?

Some big companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have provided text to speech API services such as Polly, Bing Speech, Deepa WaveNet, Deep Voice 2, etc. Small companies made some useful TTS apps using those TTS API services to facilitate ordinary users with converting text to speech or text to voices. Among them, voleeta.com, ttsreader.com, ttsmp3.com, text2speech.org, freetts.com, naturaltts.com are some impressive, free, and easy to use text to speech converter web apps.

General Features of a Good Online TTS Application

Almost every text to speech software has some common features. Let’s see what are them and how voleeta.com is aligning with them.

High Linguistic Accuracy

Online text to speech tools should have the ability to read out a given text aloud and correctly with high linguistic accuracy in their use of grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Support Multiple Languages

Many TTS tools offer 100+ different voices with different languages and accents. So they would be able to read out long sentences and paragraphs with fluent speakers. Here are some languages which support the Voleeta TTS tool: US English, UK English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Portuguese do Brasil, etc.

Ability to Customize the Voices

A good TTS reader should have the ability to adjust the pitch and speed of a given text. So it will allow you to create fast-talking chipmunk voices too. Not only that but also this feature will help you to generate many voices ranging from male and female voices.

Can be Downloaded in mp3

Once you have generated the audio file, there must be an option to download the audio file in .mp3 and .wav file format. It’s simple and fast. The downloaded audio file can be used for any purpose such as commercial usage. No attributions needed.

Advantages of Text To Speech (Benefits of TTS)

  • Can listen to books, blogs, and articles while you are at work.
  • Helpful for people with difficulties in reading.
  • Can use for narrating and dubbing movies.
  • Can use for commercial purposes (broadcasting, IVR systems, etc).
  • Saves your mobile data costs.
  • Can create voicemail greetings.

What about the Compatibility?

As Text-To-Speech software available online, you can access it from anywhere around the world at any time. It works great on mobile, desktop, and PCs as well as almost every operating system such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. No matter which browser you are using. You may be using Chrome or Safari, but TTS apps will work fine on all of them.

So now you’ve got a perfect idea of what is TTS and what benefits you could get from online text-to-speech tools. If you feel this is a great way to create a voiceover for your videos or in need of listening to your own document, just copy/paste your text file into our TTS tool. Try our TTS converter today for absolutely free and have fun.